Coral Reef Fish Count

As you "snorkel" through the coral reefs of St. Ann's Bay in Jamaica, you will identify and record the first 100 fish that you see. Luckily, you can do this the easy way, by doing a "virtual fish count" right here in your web browser.

We collected the real data the hard way, by snorkeling with waterproof fish guides and writing tablets. Check out the pictures below!

As you can see, it is not easy to use a fish guide and record data while snorkeling!

Just use the handy Jamaican Coral Reef Fish Guide on the right to identify the fish species and to learn what the fish eat and other information. When you have identified the first fish, record on your data table the species, write a tic mark to keep track of the cumulative number of that species you have seen, then record the diet of the fish (Herbivores are those that feed on algae and plants, Omnivores are those that feed on some plants and animal invertebrates such as shrimp, worms, mollusks, coral, and sea urchins, and Piscivores feed on other fish).

Teachers! If you wish to print an answer key to the fish in these sightings, click here. This is only a back-up, in case you have difficulty identifying some of the fish.

When you have completed the fish count you will be instructed on how to use the data you have collected.

Do you have your data sheet ready? (if you forgot to print your data table before, click here to get it, then print it or create your own on paper).

Remember to keep your snorkel clear and stay close to your partner!