The Ringneck Dove

"Streptopelia risoria"

This is our ring-neck dove.


The ring-neck dove's habitat is in the forest. Its geographical range is in Europe. The dove started out in southwest Europe and Asia. At the turn of the century, it spread to the northwest. By 1970 it was in most of the British Islands.

In the wild the ring-neck dove eats many different kinds of seeds and drinks water. The ring-neck dove's predators in the wild are: people, cats, hawks, martins, owls, rats, and snakes. In the classroom the dove eats bird seed and drinks water. Its habitat in the classroom is a cage with enough room for it to move around. In its cage it has both food and water.

The ring-neck dove lives in groups. The dove has two eggs. Both the male and the female care for their young. They feed their young.

Some interesting information about the dove is that it is the only bird that can drink without tilting their heads back. The dove is a symbol of peace and gentleness. Some believe that the dove brings peace and charm to the home.


The beautiful ring-neck dove.
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