The Savannah Monitor

(Varanus exanthematicus)

Our savannah monitor (Godzillia) poses for the camera. Say cheese!


Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Family: Varanidae

Genus: Varanus

species: exanthematicus

Monitors live in dry areas of the world such as deserts, tropical climates, and grassy plains. They live on almost all continents other than Antarctica, but mostly they live in Australia. The savannah monitor is from Africa. In our class, the monitor lives in a 60 gallon aquarium, and eats dog food. In the wild they would eat bugs, small mammals, and birds. The predators of the savannah monitor are very large mammals, large birds, and other large reptiles. Sometimes people will eat them.

Their life span is about 20 - 30 years in captivity and around 18 - 19 years in the wild. They live alone most of their lives. They care for the young for the first few weeks, but then leave them to fend for themselves.

Some interesting facts about the Savannah monitor are: it likes to take baths, uses its tail like a whip (for protection) and, it is a close relative of the komodo dragon.

The savannah monitor is a great pet and if you are looking for a quiet, nice pet, I encourage you to look into buying one.



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