Agapornis roseicollis

Class: Aves

This lovebird's name is Puck.


The lovebird lives in Southwest Africa. It usually lives in places that grows leaf-shedding trees and is near a body of water. The lovebird's habitat in the classroom is a cage with toys to entertain it.

The food the lovebird eats in the classroom is a special blend of birdseed. The foods in the wild are seeds, insects, fruit and nectar. One of the lovebird's predators is any type of cat.

The lovebird's life span is up to 10 years old. It lives in a group or colony. Both of the lovebird parents raise the dependent chicks.

Some interesting information is that the female lovebirds are larger than the males. The peached- faced lovebird is the most common lovebird. The average weight of the lovebird is 50-55 grams. The lovebird we have in our classroom has a weight of 49 grams. Some people call Lovebirds "Funny little birds that make great pets." The peached- faced lovebird in our classroom is 13 centimeters long.

This Lovebird is very active.


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