Ball Pythons

(Python regius)

This is a full grown ball python.

A ball python is a snake that balls up when it is nervous or threatened. It's scientific name is Python regius ; which, in Europe, stands for royal python. The ball python comes from West Africa, Sierra Leone, and Togo Senegal. Ball pythons live alone in open forests, and in savanna grasslands.

The Ball Python eats amphibians, lizards, other snakes, and small mammals. They do not eat mice in the wild. They kill their prey by constriction, which is due to suffocation rather than crushing. The ball python's main enemies are humans, who kill the snakes for their skins and meat.

They can live a little over twenty years, the longest living ball python recorded was twenty-eight years old. It lays eggs and doesn't stay to care for its young.

The boa and the pythons are very closely related, in fact they're almost exactly alike except for the skull and other small features. When you think "Python", you may think danger or scary; but actually most pythons are curious, gentle snakes. They don't get very large, when first hatched they're ten to seventeen inches. As adults they get up to three to five feet long.

The ball python is not a good snake to have if it's your first snake. They can be very stubborn about eating and can go up to a year without food. It's better to get one that is captive-bred so it will not be so stubborn. So, if the pet store owner says they have an imported ball python that's eating well... be cautious.

This is a picture of a ball python wrapped around a log.


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