Button Quail

Excalfactoria chinensis

The Button Quail is a very interesting creature. The button quail's scientific name is Excalfactoria chinensis. There are many different species of button quail in the world. Other classification levels are kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, class Aves, order Gruiformes, family Turnicidae.

Its habitat is open woodland or open brush and hedge. The geographic range of the different species of button quail is anywhere from Asia to Europe to Africa to Oceania.

In the classroom it eats birdseed. In the classroom the button quail lives in a steel wire cage with a water bowl and a branch. It also has a mineral block in the cage. It is a very nervous bird.

In the wild, humans and foxes eat it. They are considered a fine dish in the Far East. In the wild they love to eat grass shoots and bugs.

Their life cycle goes from egg to chick to mating adult. The button quail's life span is 6-8 years. They usually live alone or in groups of 2.

The mother and the father mate and then the mother lays an egg. The mother leaves the father to take care of the baby. Thank you for visiting my site!

This is the Button Quail

{it is very calm right now}


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