The Lighthouse of Alexandria
By Nathan and Austin

    The Lighthouse of Alexandria was constructed between 285 and 247 B.C.  The entire structure was about 400 feet tall including the base.  It was destroyed in an earthquake in the 1300ís.  The light on the top could be seen for 35 miles out at sea.  Fuel was taken to the top by horse drawn carriages on ramps.  There was a mirror on the top of the Lighthouse that was probably made of bronze that reflected the light.

    The Lighthouse was built under the reign of Ptolemy Soter but was finished under his son Ptolemy the second.  Out of all the 7 wonders it was the only one that was used daily and it was the only one that had a practical use.  It was the tallest of the 7 wonders.  It was also the tallest most magnifcent lighthouse of all time.

Artwork by Austin

    The Lighthouse had three parts.  The lowest was rectangular and about 180 ft. tall.  The second stage was shaped like a cylinder with a ramp going to the top.   It was about 90 ft. high.  The third section was shaped like a cylinder and housed the flame.  The Lighthouse was named Pharos after the island on which it stood.  Pharos means lighthouse in Spanish, French, and Italian.

    A legend says that the miror in the lighthouse could be used to burn enemy ships in the harbor.  It was originally not one of the Seven Wonders, but it replaced the walls of Babylon on the list.  Today  on  a calm  day, people say you  can see pieces of the lighthouse in the water.

Artwork by Nathan